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Sauna and ice swimming experience - 10-time ticket
Price €149.00 / pcs


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Early bird price valid until 14.6.2024!

10-time ticket will be sent to your e-mail. The ticket holds a code which you can use to reserve 10 separate visits (basic level) to our ice swimming and sauna experience from our webshop shop.roiskeelle.fi. The card is valid for the ice swimming season 24-25.

The sauna and ice-swimming season at Roiske will start from 1st of November 2024 and lasts until 1st of May 2025.

At Roiske there is an ice swimming hole with sturdy stairs, two separate and new generation Saunum saunas, shower, WC, and an unheated place to cool off and change clothes.

Welcome to Roiske to sauna and ice swim!

These saunas have been widely praised and not in vain. The Saunum sauna stoves have an integrated air circulation system that circulates the steam also to the foot area of the sauna, making the sauna baths completely soft.

What would be the better way to enjoy Rovaniemi's national landscape in Ounas River than Roiske's sauna?