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Company season pass 2024 (Wakeboard, SUP-board, paddling, water park)


Kesätekemisen keskus Roiskemyynti@roiskeelle.fi0405022500Company id:2886325-4Merchant terms

The company card can be used by any member of staff of the owning company. The season ticket can only be used by 1 person at a time, but different people can use the same season ticket on the same day.

The season card is valid for the Roiske summer season 2024 and entitles to one hour booking/activity/day. So, for example, you can book 1 hour of cable, 1 hour of SUP boarding, 1 hour of kayaking, and 1 hour of water park tickets on the same day. Plus the right to use the available hours if they are available. The season pass includes rental equipment.

The season card details are automatically registered in the Roiske system based on the purchase transaction. In addition, a physical season card will be sent to the purchaser by post before the start of the summer season.

Please enter the name and company ID of the company using the season card in the additional order details if the purchaser is someone else.