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The Arctic Chill Retreat - Sauna and ice swimming with Dinner
€149.00 / 2 h


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Welcome to Roiske!

Our address is: Ounasjoen itäpuolentie 21, 96900 Saarenkylä.

You can find us on Google Maps by searching "Kesätekemisen keskus Roiske".

The retreat includes:

  • Authentic finnish sauna experience, towel, slippers and 1 sauna soft drink free of choice

  • Possibility to try out ice swimming in the frozen Ounasjoki River. You can also choose a soft adventure option, where instead of ice swimming you can cool down on our terrace or roll in the snow. Our experienced guides will ensure your safety by providing tips to ice swimming

  • Blazed salmon made in the campfire. Our skilled chef prepares the meal from scratch over an open fire. Dining takes place in our magnificent kota (Finnish hut), where guests witness the captivating preparation of the salmon.

    Blazed Salmon at Roiske


    The main course features blazed salmon served with a fresh green fennel salad, roasted rosemary potatoes, and two delectable side sauces (Lemon-herb creme and Green pea creme).

    To conclude the experience, savor a warm glass of mulled wine (glögi in Finnish).

  • A chance to witness Northern lights above the Ounasjoki River during the experience. Please note that the visibility of the Northern lights is affected by weather conditions

There is a lighted walking path to the ice and steady stairs for you to get into the water and enjoy the winter swimming. This is a must try thing when in Rovaniemi!

There is a safe first-timer build-in route as well, where you can just try the cold water while holding on to the handrail.

Our saunas are unisex where you use swimming suit or underwear.

Make your booking and arrive 10-15 minutes prior to that. Our staff is here to help and advice you with this great experience!

The bookings need to be made 1 day prior.